So I’ve had colleagues and clients ask about standing desks for computer work.

I’ll write a full blog post up on this soon but here’s a very quick set of recommendations:

My advice:

While Varidesk ( is the most well known brand for a desk top based standing desk check out Ergotron ( which has a few extra features and raises straight up vertically as opposed to Varidesk which raises up and towards you.

For a chair I use a MuvMan height adjustable perch stool ( which I also love. It makes moving between standing and sitting effortless and all in just a few seconds. Stand and then use the perch stool to stay in a standing position but taking some of the weight off your feet.

They’re definitely not the cheapest tools to invest in but so worthwhile for long term health.

Oh – also anti fatigue floor mat ( if you’re going to use standing desks a lot – well help hugely with aching feet for the first few months while your legs adjust to standing.

Other tips:

(1) See the green disc on my desk? It’s a Puk:

Best investment ever. Just rest your wrist on it and slide it around while using your mouse. Takes all the bend and strain out of your wrist. Takes 30 seconds to get used to and then you can’t live without it.

(2) See the stand my macbook is sitting on? It’s a Roost stand ( Again, best investment ever. It packs fully down into a small tube for transport making it perfect for travel. Set up on any desk in 60 seconds and prevent hunching over while travelling. As you can see I use it on my standing desk too to better align with my external monitor.

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